Episode 130 | Auditory Exclusion – Going deaf under stress

  In this episode, we discuss the phenomenon known as auditory exclusion (going deaf under stress) and I explain how it happens and how it can impact situational awareness and decision making. Length: 35 minutes http://traffic.libsyn.com/samatters/SAM20130207C20Auditory20Exclusion.mp3

Episode 121 | Three types of stress

  In this episode we explore three types of stress that can impact first responders. Length: 33 minutes http://traffic.libsyn.com/samatters/SAM20121207C20Three20Types20of20Stress.mp3

Three types of stress

In this article we discuss three types of stress: Acute stress, episodic acute stress and chronic stress. First responders can, and often do, experience all three. Stress can impact firefighter situational awareness and, equally concerning, stress can have devastating long-term impacts.

Stress: The Nemesis of Situational Awareness

Thank you for coming along for the ride as I discussed the impact stress has on first responder situational awareness and decision making. This series reads like the chronicles of a virtual chamber of horrors. First responders focus a lot of attention on tactical training and skill development. Far less time (if any) is spent […]

Understanding stress – Part 8: Time Distortion

Welcome to part 8 on the series dedicated to stress. In the previous segment I talked about the vulnerability of your brain to become overloaded under stress which can impact your situational awareness. In this article I’m going to talk about how your perception of time can become distorted as a result of stress.

Understanding Stress – Part 7: Information Overload

Welcome to Part 7 of my series on stress and its impact on first responder situational awareness. I appreciate all the very nice comments I have received by email, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Keep them coming. Your messages inspire and motivate me more than you can ever imagine. Thank you so much! In the previous […]

Understanding Stress – Part 6: Auditory Exclusion

Welcome to Part 6 of the Understanding Stress series. In the last segment I shared with you some of the ill-effects stress can have on vision and I made brief reference to a term that may be new to many readers – auditory exclusion. This is an important consequence of stress that can have tremendous […]

Understanding Stress – Part 5: Tunnel Vision

Welcome to Part 5 of my discussion on stress. In the last segment I talked about the positive and negative impacts of hyper vigilance and its impact on first responder situational awareness. While stress-released hormones increase arousal of the senses, the brain struggles to process all the information coming in. If you try to process […]

Understanding Stress – Part 4: Hyper Vigilance

Welcome to part four of the series on understanding stress. In the first three segments I talked about the various kinds of stress first responders can experience. For seasoned veterans, the information shared likely served as a good review. For newer members, it may have alerted you to the stressors that may challenge your situational […]

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