These are the first responder situational awareness and decision making issues and opportunities related to leadership.

Episode 14: The need for realistic training

Episode 14: Interview with Dave Casey, Director of Louisiana State Fire & Emergency Training Institute on the need for realistic training. Length: 57 minutes click the YouTube icon to listen     _____________________________________________________ If you are interested in taking your understanding of situational awareness and high-risk decision making to a higher level, check out the Situational Awareness …

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house fire

The irrational obsession with loss

There is a growing body of research revealing that many human’s have an irrational obsession with loss. Or, perhaps more accurately, an irrational obsession with AVOIDING loss. This phenomenon is something I have seen played out in my evaluation of many casualty incidents. Ironically, the human trait to avoid loss is the same trait that …

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Emerging Leader Scholarship Recipient Named

Congratulations to Ryan Pierson, Chief of the Pitman (NJ) Fire Department for being selected the recipient of the 2012 Emerging Leaders Scholarship. The scholarship is sponsored by the Gasaway Consulting Group and is designed to provide an all-expenses paid opportunity for a future fire service leader to attend the Volunteer and Combination Officer’s Section Symposium …

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High Reliability Organizations – Processes

Last month I wrote a piece on the traits of high reliability organizations (HROs) and received a lot of very positive feedback. Thank you! This article will focus on the processes used by HROs. These processes definitely provide some valuable lessons for public safety agencies. Compare your organization and see if you may find some …

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High Reliability Organizations – Traits

There’s a lot being talked about these days about the concept of high reliability organizations. The concept is being embraced by many hospitals throughout the United States and, arguably, for good reason. The principles of highly reliable organizations have direct application to first responders. This contribution focuses on helping you understand the overarching concept of …

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Healing and growing from tragedy

I had an opportunity today to present along side Asheville Fire Chief Scott Burnette at the North Carolina Society of Fire Rescue Instructors Conference. This opportunity came as a result of another wonderful opportunity that Chief Burnette extended to me to conduct facilitated debriefings following the line-of-duty death of Captain Jeff Bowen. During the debriefing …

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Tracking of personnel

Accountability: A critically important component to emergency scene safety when personnel operate in a hazardous environment. From the perspective of situational awareness, accountability plays several roles. The obvious role is personnel accountability facilitates the rapid deployment of rescue teams if something goes awry. Command knows the crew sizes and where they are operating at and …

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Utah Winter Fire School

I am blessed to present at dozens of state, national and international conferences and fire schools each year. These opportunities are essential to my mission of improving first responder situational awareness. I have just returned from the 2012 Utah Winter Fire School. This is the second consecutive year I was invited to present. I was …

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SA Matters to the Loveland Fire Rescue Authority

Thank you to Battalion Chief Rick Davis from the Loveland Fire Rescue Authority for sharing this article he wrote for Situational Awareness Matters. I had an opportunity to deliver a situational awareness program in Loveland for the North Range fire departments. When it comes to understanding the importance of firefighter situational awareness, Loveland Fire Rescue …

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