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Episode 26: StopBad! An interview with Comox Fire Chief Gord Schreiner

Situational Awareness Matters!On this episode, I interview Fire Chief Gord Schreiner and he shares valuable lessons from his “Safe and Efficient Scene Management Class” which by many departments throughout Canada has become known as the “StopBad” program.

Length: 57 Minutes
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Chief Schreiner started in the fire service in 1975 and is the full-time Fire Chief in Comox, BC where he also manages the Comox Fire Training Centre. The Comox Fire Training Centre hosts about 500 students per year and consists of four training buildings that are full of very creative and innovative training props.

Chief Schreiner is also a structural protection specialist (sprinklers) with the Office of the Fire Commissioner and worked at the 2010 Olympics as a venue commander. He also serves as the Educational Chair for the Fire Chiefs Association of British Columbia. In 2010 Chief Schreiner was named the Canadian Career Fire Chief of the year and was also presented the Justice Institute of BC, Award of Excellence.

He has a diploma in Fire Service Leadership and has traveled both nationally and internationally delivering fire service training. In 2013 he delivered fire service training in seven different provinces. He also writes for Firefighting in Canada. He is very passionate about the fire service and believes in paying it forward!

In this episode you will learn about:

  • The StopBad initiative that’s sweeping its way across Canada, thanks to the one-man crusade being mounted by Chief Schreiner.
  • Innovative training ideas being used by Comox Fire Training Center – including heating up their rescue dummies in a sauna to give them a thermal footprint and how they designed their training center with heated doors to allow the thermal imagers to reveal a hot door.
  • How they’re using “Call signs for life” and why that may revolutionize how accountability is being done.
  • How they use the acronym TAP (Team, Air and Position) during accountability reports.
  • How they use the SAVE acronym during size up (Search/Rescue, Attack, Vent and Exposures)
  • How the four C’s of communications and improve situational awareness (Connect, Convey, Clarify and Confirm)
  • And so much more

Below I have included some pictures from the Comox Fire Department.

comox2 comox3 comox4 comox5


The mission of Situational Awareness Matters is simple: Help first responders see the bad things coming… in time to prevent bad outcomes.

Safety begins with SA! 

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