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Top 10 of 2015

Top 10

It is the goal of Situational Awareness Matters to post a new podcast episode every Tuesday and a new blog article every Friday. This goal was achieved in 2015. Thus, there were 52 podcast episodes and 52 blog articles posted.

Listed below are the topics and links to the top 10 most popular blog articles and the top 10 most popular podcast episodes for the year.

Top 10 Most Popular Blog Articles of 2015

  1. 19 Ways Communications Barriers Can Impact Situational Awareness
  2. Understanding Stress: Part 5 – Tunnel Vision
  3. Positive Reinforcement of Undesirable Behavior
  4. Every EMS Call Starts with Scene Safety
  5. Meta Awareness and Situational Awareness
  6. Tacit Knowledge and Situational Awareness
  7. 15 Situational Awareness Barriers
  8. 5 Tips for Improving Situational Awareness Through Training
  9. The Comfortable Routine of Complacency
  10. The Normalization of Deviance

Top 10 Most Popular Podcast Episodes of 2015

  1. Lessons learned from a firefighter who survived a fire where two of his comrades died
  2. Lessons learned from a firefighter burned in a flashover
  3. Mayday for Mental Health: A father’s story of tragic loss and lessons learned
  4. Lessons learned from a firefighter working alone in a resident dwelling fire
  5. Lessons learned from a seemingly small commercial building fire
  6. 12 Tips for Improving Situational Awareness
  7. Lessons learned after being disoriented in a commercial building fire following an evacuation order 
  8. Lessons learned from a carbon monoxide poisoning call
  9. Lessons learned from running out of air in a tunnel fire
  10. Top 10 situational awareness barriers for firefighters

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