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2015 Year in Review

2015 Year in Review

Last year i started offered a summary of my activities to advance the Situational Awareness Matters mission. I received a lot of positive comments and support from the information I shared so I thought I would carry on the tradition by posting this – 2015 year in review.

The personal motivation I derive from this exercise includes:

  1. It allows me to see that I actually DID accomplish SOMETHING during the year (because it often feels as though I am spinning my wheels while accomplish very little).
  2. It allows me to show appreciation to the departments, companies and associations who provided an opportunity for me to share the SAMatters message with them throughout the year.
  3. It overwhelms me with gratitude when I see how many people’s lives I have touched with my message.
  4. It allows other who might be interested in hosting a program to see what organizations have trusted me to help improve the safety of their members. It also serves as a powerful testimony that the content is solid with actionable, immediately usable take-aways that makes a difference.

I realize some of the readers of this blog will have little interest in what I did or where I went in 2015. If you are among that group, simply click out of this post. However, if you are interested, click the “Continue Reading” link below and allow me to share my 2015 year in review with you. As with all my articles, I welcome your feedback (the “Leave a Reply” box at the bottom of the blog post or via email (

The year in review

82 The number of classes taught in 2015
66 The number of situational awareness classes taught to first responders
5 The number of situational awareness classes taught for business and industry
69 The number of agencies/associations/companies presented to
11 The number of leadership classes taught to first responders and industry
7,840 The number of students taught in 2015
1 The number of Technical Reviews conducted
5 The number of conferences attended as a student (sharpening the saw)
52 The number of blog articles written on the SAMatters website
229,242 The number of visits to the SAMatters website in 2015
1,236,492 The number of visits to the SAMatters website since launch in 2011
2,378,632 The number of page views on SAMatters in 2015
7,016,029 The number of page views on SAMatters since launch in 2011
12 The number of SAMatters Newsletters published
3,406 The number of SAMatters members receiving the monthly newsletter
167 The number of countries where SAMatters members reside (Mostly US, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom)
2 The number of books written
1 The number of videos created
199,122 The number of video views on the SAMattersTV YouTube channel
52 The number of SAMatters Radio podcast episodes recorded
53,329 The number of downloads of SAMatters Radio podcast episodes
7 The number of webinars or other online content delivered
14 The number of articles written for journals and other websites
22,388 The number of social media connections (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter)
1 The number of research project consultations
2 The number of product development consultations
119 The number of flight segments flown
146,880 The number of air miles traveled (US and Canada only)
13,750 The number of ground miles traveled
6 The number of employees working at the Gasaway Consulting Group
9 The number of contract Associates who taught classes for Gasaway Consulting Group

Clients served in 2015

Appearing in alphabetical order

Aberdeen Proving Ground

Air Medical Transport Conference

Alabama Fire College

Arvada Fire Department

Bloomfield Township Fire Department

Buckley Fire Department

Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs

Castle Rock Fire Department

Center for Public Safety Excellence Conference

Champions Fire Protection District

Chester County Emergency Services

Delran Fire Department

Emergency Preparedness and Hazardous Materials Response Conference

Fire Department Instructors Conference

Fire Engineering Magazine

Firehouse Magazine

Firehouse World Conference

Fire-Rescue Canada

Fire-Rescue International


Flathead County EMS

Frisco Fire Department

Gallatin County Emergency Management Agency

Gary Fire Department

Greenfield Fire Department

Hamline University

Hampton Roads Fire Chiefs Association

Hershey Fire Department

Idaho Department of Lands

Illinois Fire Service Institute

Indiana Department of Homeland Security

Indianapolis International Airport Fire Department

International Association of Fire Chiefs

Joint Base Lewis-McChord

Lake County Fire Chiefs Association

Lodi Fire Department

Loveland Fire-Rescue Authority

Managerial Association of Emergency Services

Maple Grove Fire Department

Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute

Michigan Association of Fire Chiefs

Minnesota Rural Electric Association

Minnesota Symposium on Terrorism and Emergency Preparedness

Montana Fire Chiefs Association

Munhall Fire Department

National Fire Academy

New Hampshire Emergency Dispatchers Association Conference

New Hampshire Fire Chiefs Association

Norristown Fire Department

Ohio Fire Chiefs Association

Ontario Fire College

Peace Regional Fire Conference

Pearland Fire Department

Peters Township Fire Department

Plainfield Township Fire Department

Prince Albert Fire Department

Santa Clara County Fire Department

Saskatchewan Association of Fire Chiefs Conference

Scott Township Fire Department

South Dakota Firefighters Association

Spokane Fire Department

Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety

Tennessee Department of Homeland Security

Terre Haute Fire Department

United States Forest Service

United States Military Academy

Volunteer & Combination Officers Section Symposium in the Sun

Wadesville Fire Department

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College

Thank-YouI am very grateful for all the opportunities that were provided to me and for the trust others have that I will deliver consistent, reliable, fact-based, high quality content that can be immediately applied on the job.

Because many of my programs are heavily influenced by research – especially as it relates to the neuroscience of situational awareness and decision making – attendees are often exposed to content they have never received before in any program they have attended. This is among the most consistent feedback I receive and it makes me feel good to add value with original content.


The mission of Situational Awareness Matters is simple: Help first responders see the bad things coming… in time to change the outcome.

Safety begins with SA! 

Share your comments on this article in the “Leave a Reply” box below. If you want to send me incident pictures, videos or have an idea you’d like me to research and write about, contact me. I really enjoy getting feedback and supportive messages from fellow first responders. It gives me the energy to work harder for you.




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