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Commercial Building Mayday. The Atascocita Fire Story – Part 2 (Episode 304)

Today’s episode is Part 2 of my 2-part interview with three command officers from the Atascocita Fire Department in Houston, Texas, sharing a story of a commercial building fire that resulted in a mayday.

Length: 63 minutes


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On July 3, 2019, the Atascocita Fire Department responded to a commercial building fire at Coach’s Sports Bar.  First arriving units reported heavy smoke showing.  This interview is with incident command staff: Fire Chief Mike Mulligan, Battalion Chief David Roark, and Battalion Chief Brian Mulligan.  The interview is supported by a dashcam video.

The episode is dedicated to the memory of Lieutenant Jared Snell, the officer on the first-in company. Tragically, Lt. Snell died in a motor vehicle accident three weeks following this fire.


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