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Special Episode 002 | Near Miss Expert Panel

Situational Awareness Matters Radio Show

Special Episode 002

Topic: Firefighter Near-Miss Reporting System Expert Panel Discussion
(from Fire-Rescue International, Dallas Texas)

Situational Awareness Matters!
The purpose of the SAMatters Radio show is to improve situational awareness and decision making for individuals and teams who work in high risk, high consequence environments.

The SAMatters mission is simple… To help you see the bad things coming… in time to avoid bad outcomes.

This episode is a recording of a near-miss panel discussion held at Fire-Rescue International in Dallas, Texas. The panel, consisting of Chief Josh Waldo (Oakridge, TN), Training Officer Andrew Beck (Mandan, ND) and myself discuss three near events, including:

  1. A live training burn near-miss involving the crazing of a facepiece.
  2. A haz-mat call near-miss involving a Freon leak.
  3. An EMS call near-miss involving a patient with weapons



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