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SAMatters Program Handouts

(listed in alphabetical order)

Situational Awareness – Australia 2022

Situational Awareness and High-Risk Decision Making

Situational Awareness for First Responders

Situational Awareness to Enhance Administrative Decision Making

Situational Awareness for Wildland Fighters

Situational Awareness for Hazardous Materials

Situational Awareness for Traffic Incident Management

Situational Awareness for Pipeline Safety

Situational Awareness for Communications Professionals

Situational Awareness for Electric Linemen

Situational Awareness for EMS Operations

Situational Awareness for Safety Professionals

Asheville Fire Department Facilitated Debrief Report
Brain Science – When Brain Science Meets Public Safety: What Can We Learn?
Creating The Thinking First Responder

Deadly Dozen: Twelve Cognitive Errors that Kill

Dead Man Talking: The Shocking Truth About How We May Be Training First Responders to Die
Decision Making Under Stress
Facilitated Debriefing: A Process to Help You Identify Successes & Opportunities
Firefighter Safety: Mistakes and Best Practices
20 Tough Questions: Preparing for Tough Questions on the Horizon
Generational Survey
How Quickly a Firefighter Can Die: Learning and Growing From Tragedy
How We Decide: Brain Wiring 101
Intelligent Risk Taking
Mental Management of Emergencies
New Members Secret Wish List
Recruiting and Retaining Your Next Generation Member
Training for Failure – Understanding Why the Way First Responders are Trained Must Change