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brain wiring

Situational Awareness Matters!

Resilient Problem Solvers

Perhaps you’re going to think I’ve been out in the sun too long when you read this proclamation: I want you to make more mistakes! What? It’s true, I do. But before you stop reading this article out of distain for such an absurd statement, please gift me just five minutes of your time to […]

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Chatty TSA Agents

It is possible that while you are attempting to pay attention to something, you can be drawn off your task by distractions or interruptions to your workload. A distraction is something that pulls your attention away by accident (like a reflex look in the direction of a loud noise). An interruption is something that pulls

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Episode 69: Learning from Failure

    While it is important to train in ways that reinforce best practices and successful outcomes, there is something to be said for training that results in failure. This episode explores the notion that out of failure, important lessons are learned. Length: 27 minutes click the YouTube icon to listen     _____________________________________________________ If you

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