Gasaway Consulting Group selected to conduct site evaluation & training at Naval facility

Gasaway Consulting Group, LLC, the parent of company of Situational Awareness Matters has been selected to conduct a situational awareness site evaluation and training for the Puget Sound Naval Sea Systems Command. This is the second naval facility to receive a site evaluation and training for lifting and handling personnel. The first assessment and training […]

Gasaway Consulting Group secures contract to train oil refinery operators

Gasaway Consulting Group, LLC, the parent of company of Situational Awareness Matters has secured a year-long contract to train 600+ oil refinery operators at Syncrude Canada’s Fort McMurray Operations. The training will take place throughout 2018 and is part of a four-pronged approach to improve operator safety during Periods of High Vulnerability that will include […]

Begin With The End In Mind

One of the essential components of well-developed situational awareness is being able to accurately predict the future. This prediction should be made during the initial scene size up and then it should be updated often as the incident progresses. In this segment, the need to begin with the end in mind will be explored and […]

Episode 132 | Online Academy Preview

  I am super excited to be able to share with you the features and enrollment options for the newly released Situational Awareness Matters Online Academy. Length: 22 minutes click the YouTube icon to listen     _____________________________________________________ If you are interested in taking your understanding of situational awareness and high-risk decision making to a higher […]

Episode 48: Helping responders with addiction

Firefighters and addiction. It’s not something we like to acknowledge or talk about. On this episode, we both acknowledge the problem and I have two guests from the American Addiction Centers here to give first responders advice about how to get help. Length: 56 minutes click the YouTube icon to listen     _____________________________________________________ If […]

Radio Show

__________________________________________________________________ Episode 213 This episode is Part 2 of a two-part interview with Twinsburg (Ohio) Fire-Medic Jim Woolf. CLICK HERE for the episode show notes. Length: 44 minutes- click the YouTube icon to watch the full VIDEO of this interview!     __________________________________________________________________ Episode 212 This episode is Part 1 of a two-part interview with […]

The communications specialist role in forming situational awareness

Some of the least appreciated members of the emergency response team are the communications specialists (in some venues, termed dispatchers). How do I know this? First, I served as a communications specialist (my job title was dispatcher) early in my career and I was routinely subjected to criticism and ridicule from responders because the information […]

Three types of stress

In this article we discuss three types of stress: Acute stress, episodic acute stress and chronic stress. First responders can, and often do, experience all three. Stress can impact firefighter situational awareness and, equally concerning, stress can have devastating long-term impacts.

New DVD arrivals

I am very excited to announce the release of two powerful new DVDs and a special offer.

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