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Episode 33: A double close call at a residential dwelling fire

Adam FarrarWadesville Fire Department Deputy Chief Adam Farrar recounts a residential dwelling fire that resulted in two close call events for members operating at the scene.



Length: 43 minutes

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On January 14, 2010 the Wadesville Fire Department was dispatched to a residential dwelling fire. Deputy Chief Adam Farrar served as the incident commander.

During the incident, a crew on the interior attack nearly fell into the basement through a burned out floor and then a second narrowly escaped off the roof before it gave way under the strain of fire in the attic.

Some takeaways from the interview include:

  • The need to complete a thorough 360-degree size-up to form situational awareness about what is burning and where the fire is located.
  • Ensuring haste does not compel a firefighting crew to rush into a situation that could otherwise prove catastrophic.
  • The need for a strong commander who is willing and able to order a crew out of a structure… when the crew may not want to come out.
  • The need to evaluate near-miss events and learn from the mistakes and then to adjust policies and procedures to fix existing issues.


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