Georgia Pacific awards contract to Gasaway Consulting Group for safety evaluation and training

  Gasaway Consulting Group, LLC, the parent of company of Situational Awareness Matters has been selected to conduct a situational awareness site evaluation and training for Georgia Pacific. The assessment and training will be completed in 2018. The focus will be to help improve situational awareness and decision making for front-line production staff and supervisors. […]

Virtual Training Courses

VIRTUAL TRAINING Train your entire department on situational awareness. And the best part… You schedule the training on YOUR regular department training date and time. Live via the Internet 2-hour training sessions Includes live Q&A Includes a 60-day recorded playback What is situational awareness and why does it matter? Program Description Most responders know, intuitively, that […]

Deadly Situational Awareness Barriers – Virtual Training

Deadly Situational Awareness Barriers Program Length: 2 hours Format: Live (virtual) training and includes a live Q&A session with Dr. Gasaway When: On the date and time of your department’s regular training. Train all of your members for $999 Includes a recorded playback for members who cannot attend the live training. Upon the completion of your […]

Flawed Situational Awareness: A stealth killer – Live Training

Flawed Situational Awareness: A stealth killer Program Length: 4-8 hours Appropriate for: First Responders (Fire, Police, EMS) Supervisors Trainers Training Program Managers Safety Professionals Program Description This program shares the powerful findings of Dr. Gasaway’s extensive research on issues related to first responder decision making and flawed situational awareness.  In his review of hundreds of near-miss […]

Firefighter Safety: Mistakes & Best Practices – Live Training

Firefighter Safety: Mistakes and Best Practices Program Length: 2 to 3 hours Appropriate for: First Responders (Fire, Police, EMS) Company Officers Training Officers Incident Commanders Risk Managers Program Description This program looks at a summary of 10 common mistakes and 10 best practices discovered from the presenter’s extensive evaluation of more than 500 near-miss reports […]

Staffing Levels Impact Situational Awareness

Research has demonstrated that, without question, stress can have significant impacts on situational awareness (SA). Stress can narrow your attention, cause task fixation, contribute to heightened awareness of non-critical information (at the detriment of more critical information) and so much more. As stress erodes situational awareness, it can also impact decision making. The research I […]

Unpredictable staffing: A barrier to situational awareness

The process of developing situational awareness starts with capturing information using the five senses. Then, the information must be understood. And finally, once the information is understood, a prediction is made about future outcomes. This process can be challenged when staffing is unpredictable.

Live Training Schedule

Thank you sincerely to the program hosts, conference organizers and program attendees who have recommended my programs, consultations, coaching and other services to your friends and professional associates. I am humbled by your kind words and your referrals. Satisfied customers making referrals has been the foundation of my success since 1992! Here is a list […]

Understaffing Impacts Situational Awareness

Understaffing can have a big impact on first responder safety. We all know that. But it can also have a huge impact on first responder situational awareness. More than I ever imagined. I have experienced understaffing issues many times throughout my career but I never gave much thought to how my situational awareness was being […]

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