Episode 60: Explaining the Dynamic Decision Making Process

  On this episode we discuss how to make decisions in dynamically changing environments and the importance of using situational awareness as the foundation for making good decisions under stress. It is the decisions that first responders make, while operating in high stress, high consequence, time compressed environments (using situational awareness) that drive successful or unsuccessful […]

Nine Dangerous Mindsets: Part 4 – The Superior

Welcome to the fourth installment of the Dangerous Mindsets series. Previously I talked about the dangerous mindsets of the Starter, the Subordinate and the Specialist. This article addresses the Superior or, more appropriately, the Superior with personal issues and how that can impact situational awareness and team safety. It would be rare for a supervisor […]


Here are some samples of the wonderful feedback I have received from those who have attended a program, read my books and articles, visited my website, watched my videos, listened to my podcasts, or participated in a webinar. Thank you so much to those who take the time to send me your comments and completed […]