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Eagle Scout – First Responder: The Daniel Konzelman Story (Episode 255)

Daniel Konzelman is an Eagle Scout and an accountant who found himself in the most unsuspecting place he could ever imagine. First on-scene where an Amtrak train derailed just south of Seattle on December 18, 2017.  Listen to the story of this amazing young man as he talks about what it was like to be in the middle of a major disaster that killed 3 people and injured 62 others.

Length: 56 minutes


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Daniel Konzelman is an Eagle Scout so he was raised to “Be Prepared.”  But what he was about to face on the morning of December 18, 2017 some could argue no one could be prepared for. Daniel was on his way to work when an Amtrak commuter train derailed, literally, right in front of him.  In this interview, Daniel shares the first-hand perspective of what it is like to be a true first responder (on-scene before any trained personnel).  This experience also inspired Daniel to pursue a career as a firefighter and he is now in week 6 of his recruit academy training with the Tacoma, Washington Fire Department.


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1 thought on “Eagle Scout – First Responder: The Daniel Konzelman Story (Episode 255)”

  1. Great post. As an Eagle Scout myself, I can attest that Dan was “trained”. He earned the first aid merit badge and had to do other first aid tasks all along his venture. Maybe not the 100+ hours we required an EMT to do for their profession but certainly Dan learned the nuts and bolts of first aid that can be used in the deep woods and trails he and his Scout buddies ventured. A basic first aid kit and knowledge of how to use the resources around him to adapt and overcome the problem presented. Sticks and small trees for splints and cots, lashing a drag sled together using what you brought or what the earth is giving you at the time. Way to go Dan you made the rest of the Eagle Scouts proud. Being Prepared and just jumping in and problem solving – all the things the BSA taught you. It is great to see you join those of us in the fire service that continue to help the community. Dan should make a great fireman!

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