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Situational Awareness: Catastrophically Important to First Responder Safety

This video serves as an example of the importance of situational awareness. Please do not judge this department, the responders, or the commander. Rather, seek to learn and understand WHY… the things they were doing at the moment in time that things went bad… made sense to them.

Those attending the Mental Management of Emergencies program and the Flawed Situational Awareness programs learn there are at least two dozen situational awareness barriers in play at this incident. A few may be obvious to you but many can be unpredictable.

Until you have a thorough understanding of situational awareness – how you gain it, how you maintain it, how you lose it, and how you regain it after you lose it – you and the members of your department may be vulnerable to experience similar outcomes.

The mission of Situational Awareness Matters! is to:
Help first responders see the bad things coming…
in time to change the outcome.

Developing and maintaining situational awareness is not easy and it’s damned important to your survival and your decision making.

Improving your situational awareness and decision making under stress is the goal of three very powerful programs I have offer:

Fifty Ways to Kill a First Responder:
Understanding barriers that impact situational awareness
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Mental Management of Emergencies:
Improving decision making under stress
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If you are interested in taking your understanding of situational awareness and high-risk decision making to a higher level, check out the Situational Awareness Matters Online Academy.
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