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Gasaway Safety Solutions Presenting at the Colorado Traffic Incident Management Conference

August 29, 2019

Gasaway Safety Solutions has been contracted to present the keynote session at the 2019 Colorado Traffic Incident Management Conference in Loveland, Colorado.

“The number of first responders and ancillary support personnel are being struck on highway incidents is extremely alarming.  It seems as though the motoring public is either unaware or uncaring about the danger they create while driving distracted, drowsy or impaired. I am deeply honored to have the opportunity to share the critical message of situational awareness with the conference attendees. This event will be attended by hundreds of police, fire, EMS, tow company and highway workers from across Colorado. It will be a great opportunity to discuss the complexities of situational awareness how to improve their high-risk decision making” noted Dr. Richard B. Gasaway, President of Gasaway Consulting Group.

The goal of the  Traffic Incident Management (TIM) program is to remove incidents from Colorado’s highways and restores normal travel operations as safely and quickly as possible. The Colorado Department of Transportation partners with multiple agencies to: Improve responders’ safety and enhance the safe and quick clearance of traffic incidents.

Gasaway Consulting Group, LLC, headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, focuses on helping individuals and teams understand human error, reduce the impact of situational awareness barriers, and improve high-risk decision making.

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