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Flawed Situational Awareness at Structure Fires

Situational Awareness Matters!

How significant (or stated another way… “How big a deal”) is flawed situational awareness as a contributing factor to firefighter near-miss events at structure fires?

A. Not that big a deal
B. Pretty big deal
C. Really big deal

(If you have attended one of my situational awareness programs you probably already know the answer to this question.)

The answer is D.

“Wait a minute” (you’re may be thinking). “There was no ‘D’ choice.”

That’s because flawed situational awareness, as a contributing factor at structure fire events, is more than a really big deal. It’s THE BIGGEST deal!

Flawed situational awareness has been the leading contributing factor for structure fire near-miss events every year since the National Firefighter Near Miss Reporting System has been tracking the data.

CLICK HERE to see an 18-page list of structure fire near-miss reports where flawed situational awareness was identified as a contributing factor.

Situational Awareness Matters!I would also encourage you to visit the National Firefighter Near Miss Reporting System website and read some of the reports on this list.

Remember… in nearly every case, the firefighters did not realize their situational awareness was flawed until the near-miss event occurred – after the fact.

In other words… they didn’t see it coming.

While flawed situational awareness is the leading contributing factor in structure fire near-miss events (and structure fire line-of-duty death events as well, by the way), sadly, most responders know so little about situational awareness – what it is, how they develop it, how they lose it, and how they can regain it once it is lost.

That is the entire focus of this website and the entire Situational Awareness Matters Mission: Helping First Responders See the Bad Things Coming… In Time to Change the Outcome.

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