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Please…Don’t Read This Article

This article does not contain anything valuable that will improve situational awareness. 

So, please, do not read it!

If you’re here, it means curiosity got the best of you. Don’t feel bad. Humans are naturally curious creatures. We (instructors) can use human curiosity to our advantage when it comes to training responders, team leaders, department heads and anyone else that needs to be situationally aware (which would be ALL of us, right?). Appeal to curiosity. Use the element of surprise to get students interested in your message.

When the message is boring and redundant, the listener tunes out. If the title is interesting and the message is presented in a new way, maybe even an unusual way, it can be a powerful tool to attract and keep someone’s interest.

Recently, I took my three sons golfing. While on the course, I had an encounter that inspired me to write an article that I published on website titled: Groundbreaking research reveals link between golfing and firefighter safety.

There was nothing groundbreaking about what happened and it would be a wide stretch to call it research. But, nonetheless, there was a situational awareness message contained within the satirical contribution and as anyone who attends one of my programs can attest to, I am not above doing ANYTHING to get my message seared into the minds of students. For example, one time in Las Vegas, I… Wait! What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. If you were at the EMS World Expo, you know what I did. If you missed it, you’ll just have to learn to live with your disappointment.

Ok… back to my groundbreaking research article. How did I do for capturing the attention of the reader? Pretty darn good. This article ranked in the top five for most read blog post on at that time. Curiosity… works. Use it to engage your students!

Because I LOVE this time of year, it is my goal to provide you with as many tools as possible to keep you safe and to get EVERYONE trained on situational awareness.  I am offering some pretty amazing specials right now and hope that you can all take advantage of them.

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Best wishes to everyone for a safe and healthy holiday season and a prosperous and incident free 2019! 

And may you all see the bad things coming in time to change the outcome!


Share your comments on this article in the “Leave a Reply” box below. If you want to send me incident pictures, videos or have an idea you’d like me to research and write about, contact me. I really enjoy getting feedback and supportive messages from fellow first responders. It gives me the energy to work harder for you.




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