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Episode 84 | Interview County of Grande Prairie Regional Fire Service Captain Jason Nesbitt and crew


      County of Grande Prairie1This episode interviews County of Grande Prairie C Platoon Captain Jason Nesbitt and his on-duty crew at the County of Grande Prairie Regional Fire Service in Clairmont, Alberta.


Length: 69 minutes
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In this episode, we discussed some really important and valuable topics that all firefighters can face, including:

• How to maintain control of your own personal situation when you show up on the scene of a house fire and find out that it is owned and or occupied by either a family member, loved one, ex-partner, friend, etc.

• The impact that helmet cameras can have on situational awareness, decision making and behavior.

• How to keep from getting caught off-guard when you arrive at a working incident

• How a firefighter (non-officer) can develop and maintain situational awareness.

County of Grande Prairie Regional Fire Service Recruitment Video

The County of Grande Prairie Regional Fire Service is comprised of several different stations at different levels. We have 2 full time staffed stations that cover the regions of the County of Grande Prairie which immediately surround the City of Grande Prairie. These 2 stations are composite (combination staffing) and typically are comprised of 2 full-time staff, supplemented by 2 part-time (paid-on-call staff) for a total of four crew members in each of the 2 stations.

Overall, staffing consists of 20 full-time staff, and another 80 part-time members. The staffed service area has a population of approximately 12,000 with a mix of rural, urban, commercial, industrial and forested areas.

As a result of the variety they face, the County of Grande Prairie Regional Fire Service members are trained to provide a wide array of services. Members are trained for:

• Structural/vehicle Firefighting to 1001 Level 2
• Hazardous materials to technician level
• Rope rescue to technician level
• Ice rescue to technician level
• Wildland firefighting to 1051 level 1
• MVC extrication to 1001 level 2
• Confined space rescue 1006 level 1
• Farm extrication 1006 level 2
• Medical co-responses to EMR (EMT-B)

The service area for the staffed stations is about 300 square miles. In addition, we have 3 rural volunteers paid-on-call stations in 3 of our hamlets and an additional 4 stations in 3 towns and 1 village located within the county to provide services. Our rural volunteer stations are 100% operated by our service. The contract departments are operated by their municipalities and are provided with apparatus for county responses by our service. The entire County of Grande Prairie covers approximately 2800 square miles. The call volume for the entire region excluding the city of Grande Prairie is about 1500 calls per year. Our 2 staffed stations see about 800-900 of those calls.

Intro music
Safety Dance (1982)
Men Without Hats
GMC – Virgin Records

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Guest Information
Jason Nesbitt
Captain “C” Platoon
County of Grande Prairie Regional Fire Service
Phone: 780-532-3145
Cell: 780-814-0280
Address: 10001 – 84 Avenue
Clairmont, AB T0H 0W0
Firefighter Near Miss Reporting System


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