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Episode 83 | Interview with Close Call Survivor Tiger Schmittendorf


Schmittendorf1This episode interviews Tiger Schmittendorf as he chronicles a near-mess event during a water rescue incident.


Length: 34 minutes


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Dispatched to a report of multiple people trapped on the second floor of an apartment building with rising water, Tiger Schmittendorf and two of other members of his department launched their rescue boat and located the victims on in the apartment building. While preparing them for removal the conditions outside changed significantly and the slow-moving water became swift-moving water.

Listen in as he chronicles how the firefighters were able to remove the victims but then almost became victims themselves. Lessons learned included:

1. Don’t allow yourself to get into a situational you are not adequately trained and prepared to handle.

2. Don’t wear bunker pants while performing a water rescue.

3. Don’t let emotions drive your decision making.

4. Only used trained responders for water rescue evolutions.

Intro music
Safety Dance (1982)
Men Without Hats
GMC – Virgin Records

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Guest Information
Tiger Schmittendorf
Deputy Fire Coordinator
Erie County Emergency Services
Firefighter Near Miss Reporting System


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