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Episode 62: Review of the most popular close call interviews


  062 - Top 7What can you learn from someone who has survived a close call? The answer is… A LOT. When I launched this show in April 2014, the purpose was, as it remains, to help first responders improve situational awareness and decision making while operating in high stress, high consequence environments. This mission has been supplemented by the real-life experiences of close call survivors, sharing INCREDIBLE stories about how they nearly died and, in some cases, how their comrades did die.

Length: 27 minutes
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062 - The BestThis episode reviews some of the most incredible interviews conducted with close call survivors, including:


062 - Episode 17

Episode 17: Indianapolis Fire Department Health & Safety Chief Doug Abernathy sharing his close call survival story at the Athletic Club Hotel Fire that claimed the lives of two firefighters.


062 - Episode 18

Episode 18: Aurora Fire Lieutenant Sean Dolan sharing his close call survival story from being caught in a flashover while operating a hose line to provide protection to a truck company crew conducting a primary search.



062 - Episode 35


Episode 35: Winnipeg Firefighter Lionel Crowther sharing his close call survival story from a flashover event at a residential dwelling fire that claimed the lives of two firefighters.


062 - Episode 42

Episode 42: Raleigh Fire Captain Steven Page sharing his close call survival story from being lost, disoriented and alone inside a commercial building fire and how he narrowly escaped with his life.



062 - Episode 45


Episode 45: Yakima County Fire District #5 Captain Dave Martin sharing his close call survival story from being caught in a fast-moving wildland fire that almost claimed the life of a fellow firefighter.


062 - Episode 55


Episode 55: Cypress Creek Lieutenant Jason Corthel sharing his close call survival story resulting from a structural collapse that trapped him and a fell firefighter at an apartment building fire.



062 - Episode 57


Episode 57: Speedway Fire Lieutenant Jeff Cheshire sharing his close call survival story from being caught in rapidly changing conditions during a fire in an apartment building.

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