Episode 14: The need for realistic training


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Situational Awareness MattersEpisode 14: Interview with Dave Casey, Director of Louisiana State Fire & Emergency Training Institute on the need for realistic training.

Length: 57 minutes


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On this episode I interview Dave Casey, Director of the Louisiana State Fire & Emergency Training Institute on the need for realistic first responder training. During the interview, Dave shared:

  1. Situational Awareness MattersThe need to turn off the PowerPoint, get out of the classroom, and into the field for hands-on training.
  2. Some of the challenges associated with electronic learning.
  3. The benefits of demonstrating skills during scenario-based evolutions.
  4. The need to perform high fidelity training, combining all the practical skills together in complete practice scenarios.
  5. The use of task books to track skill development.
  6. Challenges with creating realism with gas-fired firefighting props.

The purpose of the SAMatters Radio show is to improve situational awareness and decision making for individuals and teams who work in high risk, high consequence environments.


The SAMatters mission is simple… To help you see the bad things coming… in time to avoid bad outcomes.

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