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Situational Awareness Program Testimonial

Post Program

It is quite common that, following a situational awareness program, participants will come up to talk with me and share their feedback on the program. Occasionally, I get emails and postings on social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn) sharing positive feedback as well. I want to share an email I recently received from Chris Covington (printed here with permission).

Dr. Gasaway,

WOW!  What an eye opener class.  You sure know how to make a fella feel like he has been careless and reckless for 19 years, both in the volunteer and career capacity.  I actually thought I was pretty good at my job until you scientifically proved me wrong…  Thank you, I see now what I don’t or didn’t see.

I would have loved to work for you while at the fire chief rank – problem is, it would be a waste of talent for you to be a fire chief.  You have a gift as a speaker, researcher, and an educator.  PLEASE continue to preach your lesson as you have been doing.  In six hours I set in a chair and listened to you like it was twenty minutes.  Talk about situational awareness – time lapse!

I told you it should literally be illegal for anyone to ride a fire truck until they have listened to you and I meant it.  If you are within 100 miles of any firefighter and they don’t take the opportunity to listen, they are jeopardizing their crew, crippling themselves, and doing an injustice to the fire service and the public they protect.

This is how much I appreciate the hard work you have done, your research, and your willingness to promote your knowledge.

Thank you,

Chris Covington
Carrboro Fire Rescue


This feedback followed Chis attending the Mental Management of Emergencies program, hosted by the Sampson Community College in North Carolina.


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