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Quality Simulations Build Situational Awareness

Decision Making and Situational Awareness Simulation
Dr. Gasaway visits UCF Institute for Simulation & Training

I recently visited the University of Central Florida Institute for Simulation and Training where I had the opportunity to meet with Dr. David Metcalf and several members of his staff. The purpose of the visit was to improve my understanding of how advancements in simulation can benefit first responders. The visit was very impressive.

In addition to multiple contract projects for NASA and the U.S. Military, UCF researchers are developing technology solutions for highway safety, public safety and emergency management.

The purpose for meeting with Institute staff was to identify opportunities for collaboration to improve first responder situational awareness by application of successful best practices applied for the benefit of the military and NASA.

Thank you Dr. David Metcalf, Dr. Esther Beltran-Forsythe, Colin Forward, Scott Tanner and the rest of the staff who gave me the gift of your time.


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