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New DVD arrivals

I am very excited to announce the release of two powerful new DVDs and a special offer.

Situational Awareness Matters!

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Firefighter Safety: Mistakes & Best Practices DVD

This program examines mistakes that result in firefighter casualties and offers best practices to fix the mistakes and improve the safety of your firefighters. This program is based on Dr. Gasaway’s examination of more than 500 firefighter near-miss and casualty reports.

Topics covered include:

– Staffing

– Communications

– Command competency

– Size-up

– Strategy

– Resource management

– Standard operating procedures/guidelines

– Command location

– Training

– Complacency

 Training for Failure: Why some first responder training must change DVD

When first responders do seemingly insane things at emergency scenes there is never a shortage of peers waiting to pass judgment and to criticize. It is very easy to be the judge and jury of flawed performance after the fact. However, no amount of judgment will result in learning from the mistakes.

This program will offer an eye-opening view into how responders are being trained to fail, why those who are training them don’t know they’re doing it and how to fix the problem. Power examples are provided for how first responders are being trained to fail and how to fix the problem.

Topics covered include:

– Two memory systems used in learning

– The role of repetition during the initial phases of learning

– Memory rehearsal in long-term memory formation and recall

– The use of routines

– How memory prompts can aid learning and recall

– Three neurotransmitters that aid memory formation and recall

– Emotions

– The role of subconscious memory and your “magic knowledge”

– How habits serve as assets and liabilities

– The importance of visual learning and the role of mirror neurons

– The brain’s struggle to separate fact from vividly imagined fiction