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Leadership Development Program in South Bend, Indiana

South Bend Fallen Firefighters Memorial

During the week of January 23-27 the Indiana Department of Homeland Security sponsored the Company Officer Development Institute in South Bend, Indiana. I had the pleasure of co-facilitating the program along with Patrick Harper from the Indianapolis Fire Department. We had 41 exceptional leaders in the program from South Bend, Elkhart, Valpariso, Notre Dame, Mishawaka, Osceola, Rolling Prairie, Union, Indianapolis, Goshen, Bristol, Walkerton, Wabash, and Plymouth.


Attendees participated in facilitated discussions and exercises that focused on communications, leadership, problem solving, managing multiple roles, good boss behaviors, bad boss behaviors, motivation, safety, discipline, and much more. And the best part about it… five days of class and zero PowerPoint slides. That’s right! Not one.

Here are a couple of cool pictures I took on my tour of the Notre Dame Fire Department. Thanks to Mike Holdeman for being the excellent tour guide!

Fighting Irish Firefighter









Early Sprinkler System at Notre Dame



The mission of Situational Awareness Matters is simple: Help first responders see the bad things coming… in time to change the outcome.

Safety begins with SA! ___________________________________________________________

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1 thought on “Leadership Development Program in South Bend, Indiana”

  1. Dr. Gasaway,

    I had the absolute honor of taking your class in South Bend this past month. Once back at my dept. I couldn’t say enough about my experience. Although being a country boy with a romantic side I’m sure didn’t win me any awards with the group, ha ha. I guess the good thing is I didn’t have to show an unusually LARGE toe!!! I really look forward to seeing you and absorbing more knowledge from you during FDIC or any other class I’m able to attend. I do have a request, I didn’t pick up an email list from the class. If you can, will you please forward a copy to me through this email? My dept email is under service right now “” so I’m using my personal email. Thank you again SOOO much for listening to me during our one on one talks and for taking the time away from your family to make myself and all others in the class much better people, leaders and friends. Have a great day my friend and be safe.

    Lt. Tim Clifford
    Madison Township Fire Dept.
    Camby, IN 46113

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