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Situational Awareness Matters!

It’s our company name and it’s the founding principle of our teaching and consulting.

Flawed situational awareness (and the barriers that flaw awareness) are consistently identified as contributing factors in first responder near-miss and casualty investigation reports.

And yet, most first responders have received little (or no) training on how to develop and maintain situational awareness.

That might be funny if it weren’t so tragic.

We are on a mission to change that by helping responders REALLY understand what situational awareness is (Hint: It’s a lot more than “Keep your head on a swivel” and “Pay attention”).

Our programs share tips and immediately actionable best practices for how to develop situational awareness and how to maintain it while working in high-stress, high-consequence, time-compressed environments.

We also help public safety agencies identify opportunities for improving high-risk decision making outcomes and show them how to implement strategies to improve critical thinking and resilient problem solving skills.

As a result of our work, responders at all ranks routinely share with us our programs help them be better equipped to develop and maintain situational awareness and that we’ve helped them become better decision makers during periods of high vulnerability. 

That is the greatest compliment we could hope for.

Let us know how we can help your organization improve safety.