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Upcoming Virtual Training Events

How Smart First Responders Use Situational Awareness to Improve Safety

Saturday, May 2, 2020
2:00pm-3:30pm Eastern Time
Registration fee: $30
CLICK HERE to register.

Program Description

Most first responders know, intuitively, that strong situational awareness is an important aspect of incident safety. However, many do not understand the process for how it is developed and how it can erode while working in high risk, high consequence environments.

The content of this program has been presented to more than 87,000 first responders worldwide. 

The information shared during this session has been described by attendees as a ‘must-attend for all front-line responders, especially those on the sharp end of high-risk decision making outcomes.”

During this powerful and fast-paced 90-minute session, you will learn:

Exactly what the term situational awareness means. (Spoiler Alert: It’s A LOT more than just “paying attention” or “keeping your head on a swivel.”)

A solid 3-step process for developing and maintaining situational awareness.

Twelve challenging barriers that can destroy your situational awareness (I call them “The Dirty Dozen” because they can flaw your awareness and you may not even know it).

Immediately actionable tips, ideas, and best practices for improving your situational awareness and your high-risk decision outcomes.    

This session will be recorded and everyone who registers will be provided a playback link.

Registration fee: $30
CLICK HERE to register.


Question: How long is this training session?
Answer: 90 minutes

Question: What time is the training?
Answer: 2:00pm-3:30pm Eastern Time

Question: Will there be a certificate issued?
Answer: No

Question: Can I attend this on my phone?
Answer: Yes, any device with an Internet Connection.