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A Tour of SAMatters

samatterswebsitetourFor those who have been along for the journey from the launch of the Situational Awareness Matters mission, thank you so much for your dedication and support. I really appreciate it! For those who may be newer, welcome and thank you for joining the community of learners.

During SAMatters Tour stops I get asked a lot of questions about the mission and how attendees can get more information about how to reduce the impact of situational awareness barriers, how to improve high-risk decision making, how to create resilient problem solvers and how to develop critical thinking team members.

Through these inquiries and discussions I have realized it is presumptuous for me to assume that you know about all the resources available to you here, so I’d like to dedicate this article to ensuring you know what I have to offer.

SAMatters Website Tour


There are over 5,000 member subscribers to the SAMatters newsletter. Membership is free. Subscribers receive a monthly newsletter that contains a summary (and clickable links) to the previous month’s articles and podcast episodes. The newsletter also features a Q&A section, member feedback, upcoming events schedule, discounts on educational materials, new member list and more. Membership is free. To join, click on the red box on the right side of the home page.




There are over 250(!) articles written on the topics of situational awareness and high-risk, high consequence decision making. You can search the articles two ways. First, you can type a keyword into the search box (located on the right side of the home page).

search box

Second, you can click on a keyword on the word cloud (located right below the search box on the home page).

word cloud

The most recent 9 articles are displayed down the left side of the home page. You can simply click on the article and it will take you to it.

Most of the articles discuss a situational awareness challenge, offer some advice for how to overcome the challenge, and include action items to assist supervisors with leading a discussion on the topic.


There are over 60 podcast episodes available from the SAMatters Radio show. This show is dedicated to improving situational awareness and high-risk, high consequence decision making. One of the objectives of the show is to provide a platform to individuals who have experienced a close call or near-miss event and have lessons to share. The lessons being shared by responders have been nothing short of incredible. Their lived experiences contain so many valuable take-aways.

We are fortunate to have Midwest Fire as the sponsor of the radio show ( Their dedication to improving first responder safety, through the quality apparatus they build, and through supporting the SAMatters mission is impressive!

Situational Awareness Matters

You can subscribe to the podcast though iTunes or Stitcher Radio, which are both free. If you don’t have either of those services, you can listen to the podcast right from the SAMatters website. The top 7 episodes scroll on the home page, and past episodes can be searched by clicking on the Podcast link on the top of the home page.


Situational Awareness Matters

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Situational Awareness Matters Radio

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Social Media

There are over 25,000 members of the SAMatters community connected through social media channels. Once connected, you will receive periodic updates about situational awareness, upcoming events, relevant news stories and general items of interest.



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Educational Materials (store)

There are books and videos available for purchase on the SAMatters website. These educational materials are a great way to extend your learning off-line. The videos are great for training.

Live Events

The crown jewel of the SAMatters mission is the SAMatters Tour and live events conducted for the first response, business, industrial, medical and military sectors. Each year, over 100 associations and organizations book a live tour event to bring the powerful message to members first-hand. The live events are packed full of immediately usable, powerful takeaways to improve situational awareness and high-risk, high consequence decision making.

You can view the schedule of upcoming events by clicking on the blue box on the right side of the SAMatters home page.

Upcoming Events

If you are interested in hosting a live event, click on the contact us link on the SAMatters home page.

contact us

Coaching and Consulting

There are limited opportunities for exclusive coaching and consulting on the topics of situational awareness, decision making, building organizational resiliency, developing high reliability organizations, training program evaluations, near-miss or casualty event assessment, pre-incident organizational assessments, and executive coaching on leadership.

If you are interested in coaching or consulting, click on the contact us link on the SAMatters home page.

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Online mini courses

Periodically, online mini courses are offered on specific topics related to situational awareness and high-risk, high consequence decision making. These courses are listed on the SAMatters home page and are announced through the newsletter and social media. Enrollment is limited to allow for interaction so I highly recommended you enroll early. This is a great way to bring components of a live event to your team without the expense of an onsite program.

Online mini course are listed on the SAMatters home page.


Your Feedback and Ideas

As I look to the future I am always striving to identify ways to improve the mission and the offerings of content for you.

I would really like to have your feedback on any of the ways to access content through SAMatters or your ideas for new ways to deliver the content that would be more convenient for you.

If you like something… tell me.

If you don’t like something… tell me that too.

The only way for the mission to improve is for you (the member/subscriber/supporters) to provide me (the content creator) with your ideas and feedback.

Thank you for taking time to read this status report and for providing me with your feedback. You can contact me by clicking on the Contact Us link on the top of the home page or by scrolling down to the bottom of this post and leaving a comment.

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The mission of Situational Awareness Matters is simple: Help first responders see the bad things coming… in time to change the outcome.

Safety begins with SA!

Share your comments on this article in the “Leave a Reply” box below. If you want to send me incident pictures, videos or have an idea you’d like me to research and write about, contact me. I really enjoy getting feedback and supportive messages from fellow first responders. It gives me the energy to work harder for you.




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