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Episode 81 | Interview with Near-Miss Survivors Tim Kohlbeck and Chase Longmiller

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This episode is an interview with Captain Tim Kohlbeck and Lieutenant Chase Longmiller of the Sheboygan Fire Department. On January 30, 2010, Captain Kohlbeck and Lieutenant Longmiller were conducting a primary search when conditions changed rapidly and they were nearly killed.

Length: 51 minutes
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On January 30, 2010, Captain Tim Kohlbeck and Lieutenant Chase Longmiller, assisgned to the heavy rescue at Sheboygan Fire Station #1 were dispatched to a structure fire with the possibility of people trapped on the second floor.

They were inside conducting the search when conditions when conditions changed quickly. Their decisive actions saved their lives… barely.

Lessons learned included:

1. Knowing the buildings in your town – both construction and layout.

2. Building mutual trust with your company.

3. Realizing when you’re in an environment where victims are not savable.

4. Keeping a big picture focus.

5. Recognize. Decide. Act! (no hesitation).

6. Trusting your guy.

7. Understanding the characteristics of a high-energy (pre-flashover) fire environment.

Tim Kohlbeck,Biography:

Tim Kohlbeck is serving in his his 26th year with the City of Sheboygan (WI) Fire Department. He was hired in 1990 and currently serves the city as a Captain and is assigned to Rescue 3, the city’s heavy rescue unit.

Tim is trained to the Technician level in Ropes, Confined Space, and Trench Rescue, and to Level 1 in Structural Collapse. Currently, he teaches rope and confined space rescue, as well as vehicular extrication for the department. He has been married to his wife Kathy for 24 years, and they have two children- Luke, 19 and Sarah, 17.

081 - Tim Kohlbeck

Chase Longmiller Biography

Lieutenant Chase Longmiller has served with the Sheboygan (WI) Fire Department for 18 years. Prior to that, he served in the United States Air Force as a Security Police Officer.

Chase has held the rank of Firefighter and Fire Equipment Operator (FEO) prior to being promoted to Lieutenant in 2015. He is the President of Sheboygan Professional Firefighters Local 483, and he has served on the Executive Board for 14 years. He is married with two children, ages 6 and 4.

081 - Chase Longmiller

Guest Information

Captain Tim Kohlbeck

Lieutenant Chase Longmiller

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Gary C. Klein/Sheboygan Press Media Copyright, all rights reserved


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Gary C. Klein/Sheboygan Press Media Copyright, all rights reserved

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Guest Information
Assistant Chief Morris Lentz
Rogersville Volunteer Fire Department

Firefighter Near Miss Reporting System


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