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Episode 75 | Interview with Personal Safety Expert Shawn Rafferty


075 - Rafferty1In today’s episode I interview Shawn Rafferty, creator of the Safety Blueprint personal awareness and protection program. We will talk about how first responders can heighten their observational and situational awareness while operating in the field, and in their personal lives.

Length: 42 minutes

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Today’s guest is Shawn Rafferty, and expert on how to help people be more aware of their surroundings and how to prevent themselves from become a victim of violent acts.

In light of recent events where members of the first responder community have been targeted for acts of violence, I thought this would be a great topic to discuss.

However, since it’s not, explicitly, my area of knowledge (personal protection), I brought in the expert.

Shawn Rafferty’s background includes having worked as a:

• U.S. Marine
• Corrections officer
• Police officer
• Force protection officer
• Security consultant
• Protective security specialist
• Martial arts instructor
• Firearms instructor
• Federal agent

Shawn is married with 2 children. Son is 8 years old and daughter is 20 months old. His wife is from Malaysia and is a Major in the active Army National Guard. Currently they reside in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas while his wife attends the Command General Staff College.

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  1. Firefighters improve their skills. They experience less fumbling and fewer errors. They are able to gain confidence in themselves, since they can perform their job at a high level.

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