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Episode 71: Why does situational awareness matter?


Matters1In this episode we explore the origins of Situational Awareness Matters and explain why situational awareness is so important for individuals and teams who work in high risk, high consequence environments. We also reveal the top ten situational awareness barriers for first responders.

Length: 56 minutes
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This episode is a recording on an interview conducted by Adam Farrar, Fire Chief in Wadesville, Indiana. Chief Farrar’s department hosted a full-day SAMatters Tour stop in August which was the third time Chief Farrar had attended a program.

Inspired by the message, Adam decided to write a research paper on the topic for one of his college classes and interviewed Dr. Gasaway on the origins of SAMatters, the definition of SA and the top 10 most challenging SA barriers.

10 ten

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Situational Awareness Matters






Situational Awareness Matters! website Firefighter Near Miss Reporting System

The mission of Situational Awareness Matters is simple: Help first responders see the bad things coming… in time to prevent bad outcomes.

Safety begins with SA! 

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