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Episode 54: SA Q&A

054 - Gasaway1In this episode, Dr. Richard B. Gasaway responds to five listener questions. Tune in as he shares the answers and provides some best practices for developing and maintaining strong situational awareness while working in high-risk, high consequence environments.

Length: 21 minutes
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054 - Gasaway2In this episode, Dr. Gasaway takes on five listener questions, including:

Question 1: There are many challenges first responders face when our brains gets stressed. Are there any good things that come from our reaction to stress?

Question 2: You talk a lot in your program about identifying and understanding the critical clues and cues during size-up. I’m a newer firefighter. Is there anything I can do to get better at this skill?

Question 3: Is there any way I can know when I am suffering from auditory exclusion?

054 - Gasaway3Question 4: Is it possible that a commander could hear a mayday call, acknowledge it, and then immediately forget about it?

Question 5: How did you discover, or uncover, the fact that first responders are being trained to fail?





054 - Gasaway4 054 - Gasaway5


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The mission of Situational Awareness Matters is simple: Help first responders see the bad things coming… in time to prevent bad outcomes.

Safety begins with SA! 

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