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Episode 42: Interview with Raleigh Battalion Chief Stephen Page

Stephen Page

Raleigh Fire Battalion Chief (then Captain) Stephen Page, serving on the busy Ladder 4 in downtown Raleigh, responded to restaurant fire at 311 Glenwood Avenue.

The ladder crew, followed by an engine crew with a hose line, entered the heavily smoke filled environment with the mission of search and fire attack.

Length: 73 minutes
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Raleigh5When Raleigh Fire Captain Stephen Page and his crew from Ladder 4 entered the front door of the Hibernian Pub they were immediately faced by zero visability conditions which, as the proceeded along, only got worse.


When command ordered an evacuation crews scrambled for the exit, leaving Captain Page behind… alone… without water… and lacking orientation as to where the exit was.


During this interview he recounts his very compelling survival story including how, in the moment of near-death he seemed to find peace with the fact that he was going to die and how he remembered worrying about who was going to care for his wife and kids.


Listen in as Captain Page shares what he learned on his journey to hell and back, including:


  • The need to pay attention to your gut instinct.
  • Big fires need big water.
  • Keep your focus on the big picture.
  • Assess the risk-benefit of making entry in zero visibility environments.
  • Maintaining allegiance to the mission of search, even after being informed by employees that everyone is out of the restaurant.
  • The need to overcome pride and the Raleigh1competitive nature of firefighters to avoid creating risk.






This is what was on Stephen’s mind when he was in the pub…
“Who’s going to take care of my family?”

Stephen Page Family



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