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Episode 123 | Positive and Negative Clues and Cues


PositiveIn this episode we explore how responders use positive and negative clues and cues to develop and maintain situational awareness at emergency scenes.

Length: 30 minutes
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As we train first responders to improve situational awareness it is important the lessons include a list of both positive and negative clues and cues. Clues and cues are another way of saying “information”… the information you gather and process that forms your situational awareness.  In the context of developing situational awareness, positive and negative clues and cues does not mean good and bad information… Rather, positive and negative means present and absent. The positive clues and cues are those you can see and hear. The negative clues and cues are those you cannot see and hear… not because you’re NOT paying attention… but because they are absent… NON EXISTENT clues… NOT EXISTENT information.

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