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What is Situational Awareness
Why Does It Matter?

Program Length: 2 hours

Format: Live (virtual) training and
includes a live Q&A session with Dr. Gasaway

When: On the date and time of your department’s regular training.

Train all of your members for $999
Includes a recorded playback for members
who cannot attend the live training.

Upon the completion of your purchase you will
be contacted to set up the date and time for this training.

Program Description

Most workers know, intuitively, that strong situational awareness is an important aspect of safety and good decision making. However, many do not understand what situational awareness is, how it is developed and how it can erode while working in high risk, high consequence environments.

This program provides participants with a working definition for situational awareness and explains how it is developed and maintained in high-stress work environments.

Specific examples of barriers that erode awareness will be discussed.