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Decision Making Under Stress

Program Length: 2 hours

Format: Live (virtual) training and
includes a live Q&A session with Dr. Gasaway

When: On the date and time of your department’s regular training.

Train all of your members for $999
Includes a recorded playback for members
who cannot attend the live training.

Upon the completion of your purchase you will
be contacted to set up the date and time for this training.

Program Description

Organizations with state-of-the-art equipment, sound strategy and well-developed operating procedures still experiencing critical errors in decision making. The solution to improving your decision making comes with understanding how to develop and maintain situational awareness and a process for making high-stress decisions.

This program will teach you how to see the bad things coming in time to avoid bad outcomes. This program explores and discusses:

  • 6 ways physical and mental stress impact decision making;
  • 7 step process for making decisions in high stress, dynamic, rapidly changing environments;
  • 4 essential components to making quality decisions under stress;
  • 3 secret weapons your brain uses to improve high stress decision making;
  • 3 levels of situational awareness including how to develop and maintain each level;
  • 5 common decision making errors that can have catastrophic consequences; and,
  • Best practices for improving high-stress decision making.