Training For Failure…

Training for Failure

Training for Failure:
Understanding why we must change the way we train.

Program Length: 2 to 3 hours

Appropriate for:

  • First Responders (Fire, Police, EMS)

  • Company Officers/Supervisors

  • Training Officers

  • Training Program Managers

  • Emergency Managers

  • Safety Professionals


When first responders do seemingly insane things at emergency scenes there is never a shortage of peers waiting to pass judgment and to criticize. It is very easy to be the judge and jury of flawed performance after the fact.

However, no amount of judgment will result in learning from the mistakes. This program will offer an eye-opening view into how responders are being trained to fail, why those who are training them don’t know they’re doing it and how to fix the problem.

We’ll discuss 16 things we know about how the brain works and provide specific examples of how police, fire and EMS responders are being trained to fail and the tragic consequences that can result

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