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1. NFPA Report from the Bricelyn Street fire in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (see blog post on the need to have a procedure for how to cancel the mayday).

2. Make this your finest hour – Keynote Address (.pdf format)
NOTE: The live recorded version of this presentation is available in the store. (Click Store link on right side of page, then Audio Programs).

3. Firefighter Safety Mistakes & Best Practices Outline (.pdf format)

4. Preparing for the storm on the horizon (.pdf format)

5. 20 tough questions to ask your fire chief (.pdf format)

6. Grand Rapids (MI) Fire Department Operations Study (.pdf format)

7. Conducting facilitated debriefing (.pdf format)

8. Moving on with pride and purpose: Preparing for your climb down the career ladder (.pdf format)

9. Mental Management of Emergencies (.pdf format)

10. Fifty Ways to Kill a First Responder (.pdf format)

11. Training for Failure (.pdf format)

12. Flawed SA – Stealth Killer of First Responders (.pdf format)

13. Brain Science Meets Public Safety (.pdf format)

14. Firefighter Safety: Mistakes & Best Practices (.pdf format)

15. Flawed Situational Awareness: The stealth killer of first responders. AFAC Bushfire CRC 2013 (.ppt)

16. Yarnell Hill Serious Accident Investigation Report

17. Flawed Situational Awareness Barriers Lightening Round FDIC 2014 Handout (.pdf)