Frequently Asked Questions

I signed up for the newsletter but I’m not receiving it. Can you help?

Sign in and make sure you’re in the database and your email address is correct. If you are in the database and your information is correct, then check your email settings and put on your list of safe emails.

I ordered one of your webinars and I see I have unlimited use of it for 30 days. Do I have to access it on the same computer it was purchased on or can I access it from multiple computers?

When you purchase your first product from the store you’ll create a user name and password. So long as you use the same user name and password to log into the store, you can access the downloadable products you order from any computer with an Internet connection.

Do you provide programs for departments or associations and if so, what does it cost?

Absolutely. My programs are presented to first responders all over the world. More than 23,000 to date! The cost varies depending on the topic, duration and where the program is be held at.

A list of some of my most popular programs are under the “Programs” tab on the right side of the page.

If you would like a proposal, contact me by clicking on the Contact Rich Gasaway tab on the right side of the page.

Do you have any creative suggestions for how departments with limited budgets can fund programs?

Yes! I have lots of suggestions, including ways for your department, association or union to MAKE MONEY while hosting a program.  There are too many ways to customized the funding options to list them all here. Click on the “Contact Rich Gasaway” link on the right side of the page and we can discuss the details.

Can I have a copy of your presentation?

It depends on the presentation. Some of the presentations are my intellectual property and represent the sole source of income to support my family.

Without singing too sad of a song to you, I have to protect my livelihood. I’m sure you understand.

I do give away some stuff. Click the downloads link for some free resources. Or, just read the articles on the website. All that content is free.

Do you sell educational materials that supplement your live presentations?

Yes. Many of the programs I provide are available for purchase in the store. Go to the store link on the right navigation bar.

Your store is managed through PayPal. Can I order products without going through PayPal?

Yes. Click on the Contact Rich Gasaway link on the right side of the page and tell me what you want to order. I will send you an invoice and ship you the materials.

Do you give programs to other professions besides public safety?

Yes. Oftentimes my programs are delivered to volunteers who tell me the content (whether it is safety or leadership) applies to their full-time job and they arrange for me to give a program for their other vocation. Audiences have included military, engineers, airline pilots, nurses, doctors, electricians, utility workers, teachers, insurance agents, business owners, ski patrol, public works, train engineers, and football referees to name just a few.

Is there symbolism behind the artwork used on your header, in your newsletter and on the cover of your Fifty Ways to Kill a First Responder DVD series?

Yes. The art work was designed by Dave Kacmarynski of Outside Line Studio in St. Paul Minnesota. It depicts the grim reaper with a sinister smile, wielding a sickle, engulfed in flames. He is pleased to be assuming the likeness of a firefighter whose life he has taken as a result of flawed situational awareness.

The name I have given to the character in the painting is SAM Hell with SAM standing for Situational Awareness Matters and Hell represents the domicile of this evil character.

Fifty Ways to Kill a First Responder Cover

How many programs do you provide a year?

It varies but in an average year I will deliver between 180 and 220 programs, fly on 150 airplanes, spend 80 nights in hotel rooms and rent 100 cars. Life on the road is NOT as glamourous as it seems, but I absolutely LOVE what I am doing. It’s my calling… it’s what I’m supposed to be doing in life.

Do you have a family?

I sure do. I have been married to my bride for 27 years and I have four kids, all live at home. My wife and three of my kids work for me. My oldest son is a firefighter for the United States Marine Corps. The hardest part of what I do is being away from them so much.

Do you miss being a fire chief?

I miss the action and the camaraderie I had with some of my co-workers but I sure don’t miss the politics and the personnel issues. And I sure don’t miss having a boss. The transition to being a professional trainer was an easy one for me.

I had been teaching classes to first responders for 20 years and when I went back to school in 2004 for my PhD, I knew I would quickly outgrow my fire chief job. It didn’t take long… less than a year.

How many articles have you published?

Total published works, which includes books, book chapters and journal articles are over 170 but that number is always going up. I really enjoy writing and sharing what I’ve learned.

What’s the best part about being a professional trainer?

Feeling like I’m making a difference in the lives of first responders. I love it when a a fire chief with more than 30 years of experience comes up to me after a program and with amazement in their voice, says: “No one has ever taught me this stuff before.”

What’s the worst part about being a professional trainer?

Being away from home so much. I miss my family a lot when I’m on the road.

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