Episode 52: Interview with Chief Jerry Streich

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Streich1In this episode I interview Andover (MN) Fire Chief Jerry Streich on the value of having a safety officer assigned during training evolutions. Chief Streich took part in a pilot program for the League of Minnesota Cities (his department’s insurance provided) in an effort to reduce training-related injuries.

Length: 34 minutes

The program Chief Streich developed, in conjunction with the League of Minnesota Cities has now been in place for two years and the Andover Fire Department has not had a single training-related injury in that time. This is impressive. Chief Streich discusses how the program came about and how your department might benefit from assigning a safety officer during training incidents.

Specific takeaways from this episode include:

  1. The importance of having safety on the minds of all participants in a training evolution.
  2. How safety can become a valued recruitment and retention tool.
  3. How to identify predictable injuries during training evolutions.
  4. How to reduce insurance costs by reducing training injuries.
  5. Ways to implement a training safety officer in your department.

Safety in Training Policy implemented by the Andover Fire Department and Chief Jerry L. Streich.

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